People and Places Vacations for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
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Join our small, friendly groups for fun vacations with escorts experienced in providing exceptional services for people with special needs!

Small groups of 8 vacationers travel with 2 vacation escorts on over 100 trips each year to amazing and diverse destinations throughout the United States and beyond !

People and Places ~ a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization ~ has been providing vacations for adults with developmental disabilities since 1975!

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Our Vacations are all inclusive: transportation, meals, accommodations, attractions and entertainment, and supervision are included with each vacation we offer ~ along with a photo album of trip memories and a complimentary People and Places Keepsake! Learn more about us and the wonderful vacations we offer..
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Explorethe variety of vacation destinations that we offer designed to give people lots of choices to explore their special interests and the world around them ....
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Thank youOne of the great pleasures of this year is to recognize those whose friendship and goodwill are valued so highly! So, in celebration of 40 years we want to recognize you and say "thank-you"!

All you have to do is travel with us this year and we will enter your name in for a grand prize drawing for you and a friend to win a free vacation in 2016! Join the celebration...
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